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The first big goal: Albergue/Hostel on the Camino

Every year almost 300.000 people find the courage to take up the pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago, tendency rising. It takes a certain kind of people for an adventure like this, open-minded, open for change, open for leaving their comfort zone. To make the world a bit better you need such change-embracing people, who take their experiences and inspirations home with them and share them with friends and family. We want to build upon that.
Since I walked the Camino Francès for the first time in 2014 an idea has manifested itself in my mind, has persisted and developed.

Today this idea has become a definite project, backed by a structured and thought-through plan.

“We want to create a place which inspires people to a positive change, so far that they take this inspiration and share it with others. This way we hope to reach as many people as possible and to advocate the change we would like to see.”

The Physics: Phoenix rising from the ashes

1. Use available building materials

There are many ruined, abandoned, partly collapsed buildings along the way, as every pilgrim probably has noticed on their walk. Even though a lot of these ruins are in a pitiful condition, the stones lying about are still very good building material. Furthermore many ruins stand on a ground which offers free and ecological building materials such as brickearth and clay.

“It is a shame how all the beautiful ruins along the way are rotting by themselves, with nobody looking after them. At the same time investors build new commercial, rectangular, grey Albergues out of nothing, whereby they neither use existing building materials nor hold on to the spirit of the Camino. It is past time to give one of these old ruins the chance to be rebuilt and reborn as a magical and inspiring place for pilgrims.”

HausGrün Camino Primitivo Ruin

2. Restore from garbage

As far as the existing ressources suffice, we will work with them. Additionally we will include recycable materials in innovative ways: wine and plastic bottles, old tires and palettes… It’s all about making a statement and showing that all the garbage we produce can be reused. If the people understand that we will have less garbage and more housing possibilites around the globe. We hope that we can be a good example and we can give many people a push in the right direction.

Waste Garbage Wood Waste Wood Palettes Scrap lust-4-life projekt (4) lust-4-life projekt (7)

“We want to build low-cost and show people new possibilities of construction. But most of all we want garbage to be seen as a valuable ressource. Only this way we can create something new out all the garbage and can clean up our planet a bit.”

lust-4-life projekt (6) lust-4-life projekt (5)

3. Sustainable, ecological, green

While it’s not possible to cater for a whole hord of pilgrims in our own garden on the short term, we want to offer a close and pure nature experience from the beginning. So we will serve some fruits and vegetables fresh from our garden as soon as possible. Most of all the Albergue is to be a green place, where pilgrims can find an oasis of relaxation and inspiration.

lust-4-life projekt (3)





“The greener the better!”

The Spirit: A place of learning and sharing

1. Yoga

Varkala India travel blog lust-4-life-18  lust-4-life- philipp (2)

Since I (Philipp) did my Yoga Teacher Training in India and have seen and experienced the tremendous potential for every person in it, I burn with the desire to share my knowledge with as many people as possible. Not only the physical restoring of the body through the Asanas, but also breathing techniques and meditation are beneficial for a better and healthier life.

2. Library

“Everybody can learn everything. You only need access to the knowledge and need to know how to use it.”

We want to offer the pilgrims a exquisite collection of multi lingual literature about the Camino, the country and the people. At the same time we want to enable our guests to learn from and repeat our project. For this we want to make a selection of DIY books about gardening, alternative building, healthy diet, languages, Yoga…

Another possibility for the pilgrims is our book sharing section, where they can trade their already read books against fresh readings. This way they don’t have to drag the old books all the way to Santiago.

By the way, we write short stories ourselves on our journeys. Check ’em out here.

lust-4-life projekt bib

3. Diet

Wrong diet is one of the main problems of our western civilization. We want help our guests by illuminating the mistakes and by offering healthy meals. Mostly though we want to motivate them to eat more conciously and to make themselves more independent by learing how to grow their own food and cook healthily. This way not only every single one feels better, but also the planet benefits from it.

4. Learning Languages

A lot of languages are spoken on the Camino every day.  This gives every pilgrim the unique possibility to practice their language skills with native speakers from different countries. We offer the pilgrims basic help to make the Camino a language experience. Whoever learned the vocabulary list until the end of the way, knows more than at the beginning. Simple as that. Successful communication is key for a beneficial exchange – culturally, sprititually and generally.

5. Gallery and Fine Arts

The Albergue is to be a place of inspiration. Mostly we will decorate our walls with our own art, but other artists will have the chance to exhibit their work as well. That’s why we will be showing changing exhibitions all the time.

Here you can get an impression of our photographic art.

“We want to create an alternative type of Albergue, where pilgrims stay for a couple of days while learning, sharing and inspiring. Many pilgrims are looking for something. We hope to help them on their search.”

lust-4-life projekt (2)Of course we can’t realize a project like this from air and good thoughts. If you appreciate our way of thinking and efforts and think that our project is worth supporting, it is up to you to help us! Click on our donate button and become a part of our project!